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Our company is able to operate on our equipment that has been also produced decades ago.

Ask for free information on opportunity to repair a malfunctioning appliance or a review.
We can also act on other manufacturers equipment and instrumentation non-Italian manufacturing, and guarantee the operation to succeed.
If the user wishes we can operate under the “repair attempts” to which you can set a cost cap.

The products for which we specialize are:

  • Seismic sensors and data logger
  • Logic of automation and control temperature
  • Equipment for road signs

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Mars LITE 

These stations, truly innovative in the 90s, could be renewed replacing the digital circuit with the CPU ARM7 equipped with an embedded Linux OS.

The main MarsLITE's features are:

  • 20bit A/D converter
  • 16 bit floating-point memory
  • 0.5Gb of magneto-optic mass memory
  • RS232 interface only for station management
  • Synchronization by DCF77

Our upgrade will give:

  • Maintenance of the 20bit A/D Lennartz converter
  • Integers 64bit processing
  • Programmable FIR filters
  • Linux OS
  • SEEDLINK server
  • Data compression Steim 1 and 2
  • FTP server
  • Web browser management
  • Integrated GPS
  • Disciplined RTC by GPS
  • Data file format: SAF, GSE, SAC, MiniSEED

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