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Rent of equipment is not available outside EU borders.

Rent request have to be agreed case by case. Transport charge and deposit are in charge of the client.
Prices and availability could change without any prior notice.

Instruments available for rent:

Product1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 o + weeksNotes
SR04C3 three channel digitizer200,00€180,00€170,00€160,00€ 
SS05 linearized 0.5-50Hz triaxial sensor150,00€140,00€130,00€120,00€ 
GEOBOX Triaxial seismograph for earthquake, vibrations and HVSR surveys with 4.5Hz geophones, no GPS.200,00€180,00€170,00€160,00€ 
GeoExplorer HVSR – Processing software80,00€70,00€60,00€50,00€ 
SL06C3200,00€180,00€170,00€160,00€deposit 2000,00€
SL06S3 4.5Hz300,00€280,00€250,00€240,00€deposit
3000,00 €
DOREMI system 12 channel with 4.5Hz vertical geophones, with sledgehammer, shotplate and all cables needed. 
The personal computer is NOT included.
DOREMI additional channel, including geophone30,00€28,00€26,00€25,00€ 
SSBH 5C dowhnole sensor300,00€280,00€250,00€240,00€deposit 2000,00€
Vertical land-cased geophone8,00€8,00€8,00€8,00€ 
Horizontal land-cased geophone10,00€10,00€10,00€10,00€ 

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